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NCLEX-PN AudioLearn is a complete audio review for the NCLEX-PN. This Course helps you study for this challenging test in three powerful ways. You can study anytime, anywhere. On your commute to work/school, at the gym or while shopping and before you go to sleep. You will remember the key points tested on the NCLEX-PN like the lyrics to your favorite song. You will greatly increase your study time efficiency allowing you to do other things important to you. NCLEX-PN AudioLearn covers all sections of NCLEX-PN including: Safe and effective care environment Coordinated care and safety and infection control Health promotion and maintenance Psychosocial integrity Physiological integrity Basic care and comfort Pharmacological therapies Reduction of risk Potential physiological adaptation Each topic is thoroughly discussed then followed by a question and answer and definitions session to reinforce the material reviewed in the context of the actual NCLEX-PN Test. This is followed by a complete comprehensive test. Also included is an audio review of the most common pharmaceutical drugs. Professionally narrated by an experienced MD to ensure accurate pronunciations, this section is designed to help familiarize you with the 500 most commonly prescribed medications in the United States including their generic and brand names, dosages, indications and contra-indications, mechanism of action and major side effects. The pharmaceutical drugs review is followed by a medical microbiology review. In this section, we´ll review the top 150 pathogens you´ll need to know about. We´ll go through their morphology, pathogenesis, defense mechanisms and available treatments. Last but not least, we´ll conclude with a complete audio review of medical terminology. Here, you´ll discover a proven method to decipher any medical term from its prefix, suffix and roo 1. Language: English. Narrator: Skip Mahaffey. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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